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UC & C

As the workplace innovates faster, breaches global boundaries, and discovers new opportunities, UC&C solutions are the path to better connections and productivity. And are the key to bridge geographical distance to enable real-time collaboration even when in-person interactions are not feasible or ideal. Here at ACC we provide Seamless UC&C solutions that ensures higher level of interaction throughout your workforce. Our solutions break down the silos between enterprise teams, and ensures that no matter where you work, you can still access the same secure system

In addition to traditional voice services, ACC VoIP solutions give you access to advanced applications that can potentially help your staff be more agile and productive while saving you money by reducing charges on communications services, Long-distance and international calls. ACC VoIP solutions have evolved into unified communications & collaboration services that treat all communications like phone calls, faxes, voice mail, email, messaging, web conferences and more.

if your business customers require phone support, and the immediacy and familiarity of talking on the phone with a real human to get their issues resolved, then you'll need an effective call center solution that supports your service team and helps management execute an omni-channel customer service strategy. ACC Call Center solutions encompass the best hardware & software that enable routing calls to the right agents, handling incoming calls, tracking key call center metrics, and providing employees with additional context that enhances CRM integration.

If you have more than one office location, and employees working remotely, ACC video & Audio-conferencing solutions provide you with the same experience as face-to-face interaction without the time and travel costs. Your employees will have much more freedom and flexibility to communicate with their colleagues, external partners and clients without compromising on the quality and experience of communicating in person.

If your organization hosts online events, presentations and trainings via the internet, ACC web conferencing solutions have built-in advanced features that include screen sharing, instant messaging, desktop sharing, remote control, file sharing and an interactive whiteboard, which allow you to easily deliver a large volume of information to various groups.