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Servers & Storage

The most significant component in a network solution is the implementation of a central server or servers. As it provides the computing power that drives the performance of your organization, as well as a platform for virtualization. And as Data helps you understand and improve your business processes, implementing an adequate storage system will not only lead to seamless business productivity but also to a stable and secure access to Data. Here at ACC we provide complete server and storage infrastructure solutions that suit every size of business, from initial consultation and survey through to supply, installation, training and management, using our teams of fully qualified, high level engineers and ICT technicians.

ACC provide servers for all purposes suiting different sizes of businesses, ranging from entry level workgroup servers to multiple server installation, therefore ACC server solutions veterans will help you with: Carefully deciding and ensuring a server choice that further enhances your network operations and meets your primary needs in terms of business size and assigned budget. -Effectively Installing and configuring your new server achieving full operation efficiency and data protection. -Robustly Maintaining your current server to operate at peak capacity. -Significantly Extending the lifetime of your already owned server hardware by deploying upgrades that ensure enhanced performance. -Remotely executing server core management services & Technical support, (phone call, remote access), or on-site support.

As your company grows, so does the volume of your important data; making storing and managing data an indispensable need. Therefore, ACC highly experienced team of engineers utilize integrated Storage Solutions that: -Expand storage utilization and optimize data management. -Assure your high volume of business-critical information is accessible and protected. -Improve performance by offering faster access to business data. -Allow for capacity and storage performance monitoring and tuning. -Upgrade current storage capacity for more storage and substantial performance gains.