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Business Continuity

Since businesses can never rule out the possibility of a disaster incident leading to data loss, whether it’s a hardware or software failure, cyber attack or even simple human error, it’s crucial to have a recovery strategy to overcome these incidents without any bruises to the business integrity and reputation. Here at ACC our experts provide comprehensive and yet flexible Business continuity and Data recovery solutions, that ensure optimal data backup planning and replication frequency as well as effectively restore your critical data, systems, services and applications in a short time ensuring a quick recovery of operation with minimal disruption to the business.

ACC's robust BCDR solutions are easy to use and manage by IT administrators and can: -Instantly recover your entire workloads, systems, application, and critical business data ensuring fast recovery and a quick get-back to business. -Provide asynchronous replication of your operation data on either a physical location or the cloud allowing for lower operational implications and near zero data loss. -Arrange for automatic and scheduled data backup to multiple media types and locations, and evaluating the backup process ensuring data healthy integrity. -Enable automated data tiering making the most of your storage investment and ensuring performance SLAs are met cost-effectively. -Deliver ultimate database protection, by effectively monitoring your data for nefarious activities such as ransomware attacks. -Preserve archived data for a long term while minimizing storage cost and simplifying regulatory compliance.