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Data Center

Businesses that produce, utilize and process tons of information every day place their confidence in data centers. Without these centers, businesses will suffer the absence of speedy and secure access to data, therefore failing to deliver services, which will ultimately lead to the risk of losing clients and thus profits. Here at ACC, we provide highly differentiated and innovative data center solutions that address the growing needs of modern businesses and empower the data-driven network operations.

ACC Data center solutions save space, time, energy and cost, and are infinitely scalable. But most importantly, they are perfectly suited to your business requirements. Our class-leading data center solutions and teams of experts provide: -Modular Data Center design for quick and easy tool-free assembly. -Cutting edge Rack Systems (Cold aisle, Modular and standalone) for Capacity Planning. -Optimized space utilization and operating costs. -Scalability, enabling the data center to grow with enterprise. -Secured fire detection and suppression systems. -Precise temperature and humidity control. -A complete environmental management system for worry-free operations. -Continuous power distribution through utilizing adequate power subsystems, stable and uninterruptible power supply. -Complete Cabling Infrastructure and Labeling Solutions from Network Racks up to IT Racks through both floor and ceiling base tray systems. -Comprehensive Data center Management & Monitoring Systems. -Physical Security Solutions including door locks, time attendance and CCTV monitoring Solutions.