Power Solution

In a world increasingly dependent on energy, technology and data, it is a priority to have a reliable and sustainable supply of electricity. As for many businesses, round-the-clock electrical power is a critical matter in any industry, for hospitals, it’s life or death, for companies, critical data can be lost and valuable equipment can be damaged. Here at ACC, we provide reliable electrical power systems that works and continues uninterrupted no matter what demands are placed upon the system, causing no interruptions to daily operations.

ACC's integrated power solutions encompasses uninterruptible power supply (UPS) Systems, synchronized Gensets and solar solutions, providing all elements needed and ultimate support from initial consultancy to installation, commissioning and a comprehensive after-sales service ACC's experienced team of engineers and technicians will provide:
-A broad range of Consultancy services, helping you decide on a power solution that best fits your business needs and ensures continuous operation.
-Ultimate design and accurate calculation for your electrical needs, ensuring future growth suitably and enhanced power management.
-After sale services for all supplied materials and robust maintenance.