Connectivity solutions

If your business spans across multiple locations whether it's on the same geographical area or not, and your employees from multiple sites must collaborate and have remote access to the internal systems of different sites, then you need a seamless connectivity solution. Here at ACC our connectivity solutions increase employee’s agility and productivity by connecting remote end users in multiple locations to the data-center, the internet or any other vital data source, to ensure that the workflow continues with stable connectivity regardless of the situation.

Through ACC inhouse creation, Blink connectivity solution allows you to take your LAN wherever you go even abroad, overcoming wide-area-network integration challenges while allowing the use of the lowest cost and highest-performance network access services. Blink wireless connectivity operates through 4G APN providing a secure connection over any IP network without the blockages or challenges of a traditional VPN, allowing you to:
- Obtain full access to internal systems, applications and important data to authorized personnel, remotely and securely anytime and from anywhere.
- Share internet bandwidth with HQ, covering all branches and remote locations.
- Expand your VoIP system covering all locations both local and international.
- Have remote access to your video surveillance system from any place in the world.

ACC indoor WiFi coverage helps save money by not having to pay for a second internet line, increases convenience by using your current service and the ability to use the internet and apps in places where you couldn't before.
ACC indoor to outdoor WiFi solutions are perfect for locations where installing cabling simply isn’t an option, as it bypasses building material interference and broadcast signal outside, allowing for wider coverage and massive reduction in expensive wiring costs.

ACC Hotspot connectivity solutions adapt perfectly to the size of your network and your budget, helping businesses avoid overcharges for costly connections, by getting all of your devices online for the price of one, extend the range of your existing Wi-Fi network and securely separate the guest network from your company's network, reserving the access to the company's internal data for authorized employees only.

ACC microwave connectivity solutions provide efficient and reliable broadband wireless transmission systems, ranging from backhaul transmission, point to point (PtP) to Point to Multipoints (PtMp) WiFi solutions. they allow businesses to gain huge annual savings by significatively cutting the cost of wired infrastructure, while having more bandwidth for a seamless browsing experience, more flexibility in case of relocating and higher scalability when it's time to increase the capacity.