Success Stories

Throughout the years ACC embarking in a major ICT solutions, we have been carrying out all barriers and challenges from the scratch until the inauguration & implementation of the project , Fortunately we successfully prove our self As a proficient innovative ICT solutions company , we make sure that we deliver the appropriate innovative solution to our clients .

In the part of Unified communications & collaboration (UC&C) solutions, ACC successfully implemented (VOIP) systems to connect more than branch together for different sectors, (VoIP) system successfully enable you to stay productive and accessible anywhere and everywhere .

In the software department ACC successfully designed & implemented innovative software systems for government & non-government organizations (health, education, and other different sectors) ACC successfully designed assignment system for more than sector, management systems, queuing systems, also sales quotations systems in addition to time attendance systems, Building proficient & efficient website that’s Guarantee your online presence is our responsibility.

ACC provide you the suitable power solutions that exactly fit your needs , ACC successfully implemented power solutions for different sectors , installed and configured (UPS's) with different capacities, furthermore ACC team proficient in UPS's rehabilitation after afire accident , ACC team has Extensive experience in simulating and manufacturing power cables for UPS's .

A lot of Connectivity solutions configured and installed successfully by ACC distinguished team, connectivity solutions designed to connect more than sites through layer 2&3 using 4G APN, we successfully configured and installed IPTL connectivity solutions to deploy private tunnel between Khartoum and Dubai through the internet. We successfully configured and installed blink connectivity to connect number of sites for more than 30+ projects in different sectors (Banks, organizations etc...).

Over and above this, Acc continued the process of upgrading and successfully designed SAN storage topology and SAN switch configuration. furthermore , Installed more than datacenter and had been established and operating successfully , ACC always make sure to put in your hands the appropriate consultancy , plus the maintenance services that's provided by an expert team .

in the field of CCTV system that's allows you to coverage your interior and exterior space , ACC successfully implemented huge CCTV solutions( Installation, configuration) consist of more than 50 cameras , by the lunching of the CCTV system in the institution (x) they share their feedback with us and they notice that the security enhanced clearly , the team efficiency increased ,and the CCTV system until now is operate effectively .

Acc had successfully designed solar system trackers for clients and they are completely satisfied, we also provide them solar maintenance services after the inauguration of the solar system .

Due to our successful projects ACC become the most authoritative one who deliver an innovated solutions that exactly satisfied your satisfactions , we gained knowledge & we earned the credibility to be able to achieve our aims which is to become NO 1 ! Regionally and internationally, and to offer you whatever you need in the world of TECH! According to our Extensive experience in the field of ICT solutions we are able to keep you up to date and “IN TOUCH WITH TOMORROW TECH " that's exactly what we pool our hard efforts to achieve.