ACC has a wide experience in providing it solutions in various areas within IT industry including consultancy , design implementation & optimization , our areas of specialty includes but are not limited to the below solutions


Virtualization can do many things for your business, but at its core it does one key thing — it allows you to run multiple server operating systems on a single physical machine simultaneously.

This ability lets your business spend less time and money on supporting hardware and more time supporting real business needs, such as innovation.

The benefits of virtualization include:

reduced maintenance costs for hardware infrastructure up to 70%

reduced capital costs for server hardware up to 50%

reduced ongoing costs by increasing energy efficiency

Improved server and desktop management and security


Your network´s systems are a key component of your company’s operations, this is why it’s very important to have your systems at optimal speed, doesn’t matter if you have just a few computers in your network, an small site or a big infrastructure in your data center full of mission critical services, we are able to help you to tackle any installation, implementation, restructuration or enhancement.

With our collective expertise in Site Preparation, Cabling Infrastructure, Wireless Access, Data and Voice Networks, Management and Security, we at ACC provide integrated data center solutions which can be summarized into 5 highly dedicated categories:

Data Center Site Preparations

  1. Power Distribution Planning
  2. Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Solution
  3. Air Conditioning
  4. Floor Layout Setup.
  5. Fire Detection & Firefighting systems.
  6. Rack Capacity Planning
  7. Complete Cabling Infrastructure and Labeling Solutions

Network and Data Security

  1. Security Assessment
  2. Enterprise Policy Management
  3. Firewalls Consultation and Deployment
  4. Intrusion Prevention Systems Consultation and Deployment
  5. Authentication Solutions
  6. Encryption Solutions

Load Balancing and High Availability

  1. Servers Load Balancing & High Availability
  2. Firewall/VPN Load Balancing
  3. Content Cache Load Balancing
  4. Global Server Load Balancing
  5. Redundancy


Today’s enterprise organizations require consolidated solutions that address the full spectrum of data protection requirements, offering both cost-effective storage of multiple backup images and fail over for rapid, reliable data recovery.

ACC Backup and Recovery solution speeds up and optimizes backup and recovery processes, heightens enterprise data availability, and minimizes management and capacity costs. Our Backup solution allows organizations to achieve comprehensive data protection within one consolidated solution, combining the ability to store multiple backups with fail over capabilities that deliver instant but reliable data recovery.


A broad range of core business solutions is required to address every phase of the IT infrastructure. At ACC  we  will  be  there  with  you  at  every  step,  from  consultancy,  building  infrastructure  and maintenance. As your trusted partner we will deliver complete IT Infrastructure and Communication solutions.

Structured Cabling System (UTP / FIBER OPTIC):

Cabling infrastructure is at the core of every voice, data and multimedia network. It is key to Data Centre availability and manageability.
Now ACC can help make your cabling more “SMART” (Intelligent Infrastructure).

  1. Our services span   the   entire infrastructure lifecycle ‐ Consult, engineer and manage
  2. Infrastructure Product Supply and Installation
  3. Local Area Network design ‐ green field / refurbishment
  4. Specification documentation
  5. Feasibility reports
  6. Site audit / recommendation reports

LAN / Building Infrastructure

To build converged networks with optimum efficiency a deep understanding of communications is required. With our expertise we identify your traffic and application requirements and then employ state‐of‐the‐art technologies and product solutions to achieve your business needs.

At ACC we design, build and maintain an enterprise converged and secure  network  –  which  translates  into  “one  Network  for  Voice, Video, Data, and Wireless.”

Borderless Network / Wireless / Mobility

ACC’s wireless solutions include wireless infrastructure in wireless security, performance, deployment, management, and optimization issues.